Attributable is a negative analytics technology designed for companies overseeing online ecosystems at risk of content-based threats, particularly media organizations with large volumes of real-time user content such as public comment threads. By passing tokenized user-driven activities into Attributable through our API, comment editors and other content moderators can be alerted of abusive behaviors and quarantine or block malignant content before it impacts legitimate users.

Attributable has extensive expertise moderating the worst forms of user interaction and abuse, including hate speech, harassment, disinformation and fraud.

An "Anti-CRM" Platform

As more data is passed through Attributable, detailed threat profiles can be developed to identify specific users with a history of misbehavior. In a sense, Attributable becomes an anti-CRM: a centralized repository of data about the users you don't want, which can be used to intercept similar types of users in the future.

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