It's who you don't know that matters

Disinformation, harassment, hate speech, fraud and other content-based threats usually don't happen just once.

Attributable's privacy-compliant negative analytics algorithms preventively isolate unwanted users which jeopardize healthy online ecosystems. Most security technologies protect against network penetration and other technical attacks but ignore content-based threats. Attributable focuses exclusively on the risks associated with malignant user content. Learn more

Block malicious entities from polluting online conversation with hate speech and disinformation
Detect compromised accounts using behavioral analysis
Track custom KPIs, set threshold triggers and centralize alerts and notifications
Identify content threats from repeat offenders, even across platforms

How It Works

Attributable's API integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies to immediately start building threat profiles of users who represent a risk because of malicious content and/or behavior. Because Attributable Analytics is supportive of all current privacy regulations, users can be tokenized within our system to avoid sharing any individually identifiable attributes.